Reach the marina with a 3-minute beach walk from your home by the sea. Enjoy the sea, the marina and the sunset…

You can spend time with your family, either in your private garden, in the playground of your site, or on the beach in front of your house…

With 81 different cameras, from your smart tablet, you can control your child playing in the park, open the door to your guest who rings the bell, or video talk with your neighbors.


Asrın Houses appeals to you in Beylikdüzü, the newly developing face of Istanbul, with family-friendly luxury apartments, within walking distance of E-5 and metrobus, where you can improve your quality of life. For a protected, positive and peaceful life, we have implemented our 94% residential site.


The 75-bed student dormitory has been completed with a modern building concept and the assurance of Kuran İnşaat.

The Student Dormitory, which is close to elite universities, within walking distance to metrobus and E-5, has created an opportunity for investors.

The dormitory, which has 3 street shops, is in a prestigious location close to many universities.


There is an outdoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath and landscape as a social living area. Apart from that, there is a generator, a 40-ton water tank, and a 20-ton fire depot. There is a 20m2 storage area for each flat and a parking garage for 3 vehicles for each flat. All products used are imported brands. Floor heating and VRF system are available in air conditioners.

Our Hatboyu project consists of 2 blocks, 12 apartments in total. Ground floors are 190 m2 gross , 3+1 garden area apartments, mezzanines are 4+1 220 m2 gross and at the top we have 360 m2 6 2 duplex apartments.